Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson's work has been published internationally in recognition of its architectural excellence since its founding in 1965. Our projects have been featured in seven monographs, 175 books and domestic and foreign periodicals of all types.

How Bohlin Cywinski Jackson created the Apple retail experience Curbed National

Ever since the first freestanding Apple store opened on Spring Street in Manhattan in 2001, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s elegant-but-tactile modernism has been instrumental in building the Apple brand—in about 70 stores around the world to date.

In Pittsburgh, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects Designs an Environmental Education Center The Huffington Post

It’s a marriage of landscape and design, history and sustainability: The largest park in the city of Pittsburgh is about to debut a new environmental educational center designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ) and landscape architects LaQuatra Bonci Associates.

Inside Penn’s New College House by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Curbed Philadelphia

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, which is noted for its work on the Liberty Bell Center and the U.S. flagship stores for Apple, designed a dormitory with a brick and limestone facade. Tall, glass towers break up the facade, allowing views of the interior community spaces and the neighboring campus.

The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis Architectural Record

Whether approaching the campus from the freeway, or just walking around it, the $30 million new museum is a sight to behold. Architects often talk about constraints encouraging creativity. This is a real example of a tight budget leading to truly innovative design.