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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


We believe in an architecture that springs from the nature of circumstance:

The Nature of Place, Natural or Human-Made

We walk the land to feel its tilt and warp, its geologic history and evidence of human touch. We consider the nature of light, the prevailing wind, the consequences of rain and snow—a place's attitude and spirit. We look for the flow of people in urban places: how they gather, what draws them to places of learning, of transaction, of governance and to great institutions.

The Nature of People

We consider how people touch, feel, hear, see. What stimulates movement, imagination, sociability? Where can people be quiet, alone? Our work stirs the intellect, yet engages dreams, aspirations, memories and the past.

The Nature of Making

We inquire into the nature of materials—stone, wood, concrete, metal, glass, fabric—and aspire to use only that necessary to match them to the task at hand.

With both intellect and intuition, we respond to the nature of circumstance and reveal the essence of things, rather than impose our will on a place. We hope to enable and inspire the people who use our buildings and the communities in which they are placed.

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Nature of Place

  • Existing Buildings
  • Relationship to Landscape
  • Relationship to the Built Environment

Nature of People

  • Fostering Community
  • The Senses
  • Light and Air
  • Experiential

Nature of Materials

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Stone and Brick
  • Invention