Equity by Design: Metrics, Meaning, Matrices in Action | A’17 National Conference

Date April 27, 2017
Location Orlando
Equity is the ethos of our work. It is the ability to recognize differences and provide fair access to opportunities.

At this session, you’ll review the results of the most comprehensive research on equity in architecture. You’ll leave with strategies that promote equity via professional development and grassroots organizational change. As you’ll see, it’s in your firm’s best interest.

Equitable practice promotes the recruitment and retention of the most diverse talent while also building stronger, successful, sustainable practices. Using findings from AIA San Francisco’s (AIASF’s) 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey, you’ll develop targeted strategies for promoting equity at various career milestones.

Experience the power of action by committing to change as an individual, as part of your firm, and beyond.

Saskia C. Dennis-van Dijl
Principal Consultant
Cameron MacAllister Group, Portland, OR

Kendall A. Nicholson
Director of Research and Information
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Washington, DC

Annelise Pitts
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, San Francisco, CA

Rosa Sheng
Senior Associate
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, San Francisco, CA

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